Below is a collection of my writing on a variety of topics that I’m interested in, from my adventures while traveling to aviation and psychology. I most enjoy writing from a personal perspective, sharing experiences I’ve had and my observations on the world. I write sporadically, most often when a topic really grabs my attention and compells me to condense and clarify my thoughts into words.

I deeply appreciate writing as a mechanism for organizing thinking on a subject. Part of this comes from many years as a product manager in the tech industry, where writing is the role’s primary form of influence. It’s also a great litmus test for clarity of thinking on a subject. Paul Graham’s advice on writing simply resonates strongly with me, and I make an effort to edit both for clarity and a natural cadence in the language.

Typography and typesetting, the process of rendering and organizing writing, have long been of interest to me. I love the various intersections between art and science. We read so much on a daily basis that we take for granted the creativity behind the scenes that goes into typefaces and setting them out in such a way as to be both pleasing to the eye and easy to read. Movable type, the original precursor to digital typefaces, is an art form that goes back nearly 1,000 years.

This site uses Rasmus Andersson’s Inter typeface for its clean lines, clarity across a wide range of sizes, and intentional design for use on digital devices. Any crudeness in the typesetting is entirely my fault.

I share my experience setting up a consultancy business in the UK, with emphasis on navigating competing tax regulations. I hope this will help others in a similar situation.
23 May 2024
An ultra short fiction piece in the style of Joy Williams, an American author. I heard her doing a reading of some of her short fiction and was inspired to try the format myself. It's amazing how much can be conveyed in just eight sentences.
19 Mar 2019
Kicking off a 3,750km journey where I piloted a Cessna 182T with a friend of mine from Michigan to California across 18 states.
20 Feb 2016
A link to the title question, which I answered in a widely-viewed answer on Quora.
2 Aug 2012
While traveling in Ladakh, in nothern India, the area was hit by an unusually strong rainstorm that completely cut off the town of Leh from the rest of the world for a few days. I also happened to be extremely sick with food poisoning at the same time.
29 Jul 2012
One of my favorite pieces and most vivid memories, I talk about a night dive on the Great Barrier Reef where virtually everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. But it was also one of the most magical experiences in nature that I've ever had.
11 Jan 2011
Reflections on a gliding accident that I had in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. There's a long tradition of sharing accident information to improve safety for other pilots in the future.
10 Jan 2011
The most famous piece that I've written, I write about the experience of piloting an aircraft in a competition and crash-landing in the Southern Alps of New Zealand.
2 Dec 2010
My first experience on a diving liveaboard ship, and one of the more remote journeys that I've taken, I write about the initial experience of getting acquainted with the ship and the diving routine.
14 Jul 2010
An essay on SCUBA diving and the magical, alien world that is the ocean.
2 Jul 2010
A short reflection on what land use and geography tell us about a country before we even set foot on the ground.
28 Jun 2010
Reflections on my travels through the southernmost part of New Zealand, through the Catlins and across the Foveaux Strait to Stewart Island.
23 Jun 2010
I had a magical experience on the Dunedin peninsula observing wildlife, including endangered penguins, and observing the quiet, timeliness interactions between geology and nature that came through so clearly in the area.
6 Jun 2010
A favorite piece, with some splashes of humour, this is really a deep reflection on the beauty of the natural world, a favorite topic of mine. It also becomes clear that I'm not much of a planner when traveling solo.
13 May 2010
An essay I wrote after leaving my first job. I talk about the demands of corporate life, how employers are incentivized to extract as much as possible out of people, and how these behaviors leak into regular life, particularly in the US.
24 Apr 2010
An interview-style piece that answers the question in the title. Most people are not aware that gliding exists in the aviation world, and this piece attempts to answer most of the questions that I've gotten on the subject.
8 Apr 2010
Leaving for New Zealand and 12 months of travel was a huge event in my life at the time, and this first piece tells the first person account of what it felt like to fly halfway around the world, to destination mostly unknown, a town of only 250 people.
27 Mar 2010
I talk about my plans before leaving on a 12-month trip around the world.
7 Mar 2010
I discuss some of the reasons for leaving my first job, why I plan to take a break from working, and what I plan to do with my time.
17 Feb 2010